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Do you want to change? 

Welcome to this website. On the following pages I explain in what cases I could be of help for you with my business. My mission is, to create a team and to make a direct, big, life-changing impact on 800 people, related to their health, family(time/relationships) and income situation. On the following pages I explain why I have this mission and how I am going to do this together with my team, and also what it could mean to you working with us together. 

Welkom op deze website. Omdat ik ook internationaal werk is deze website in het Engels, mocht je het toch liever in het Nederlands willen lezen, neem dan even contact op. In het kort licht ik wel even de missie van mij en mijn team toe: Onze missie is om een directe, grote, levensveranderende impact te maken op 800 mensen, gerelateerd aan hun gezondheid, familie(tijd/relaties) en inkomenssituatie. 

My whole life people talked to me, told me there problems, cried, laughed, shared their fun, but mostly their pain and sorrow. I have always been a person who wanted to help, so I listened, wholeheartedly. People feel comfy with me, like I said, they share their stories. Listening to them helped them, probably more than I would know. And I wanted to be able to go deeper, help someone on a deeper and also on a practical level. 

At this point, I found the tools to be of true service for others. In a practical way, but also on a deeper level when I am talking about coaching. I could go on about my fantastic coaching tools and the super awesome businessmodel I work with, the 15 years of experience we have, and so on, but:

None of this will be of use if you don't want to change anything. It might be that you are happy with your life as it is right now. If that is not the case, here are some situations you might relate to: 

• You hate your soul-sucking job;

• You always have too much month left over;

• You are worried about your pension (in the future);

• You are stuck in your job, but you want to develop or DO something different;

• You would like to earn more, but you cannot get more hours;

• You are owned by your business and don't have the time to spend with your loved ones;

• You are a student, what you don't want to be, but you don't know how to generate an income differently;

• You have the understanding that no one is secure of a job these days;

• You would like to feel ALIVE, instead of half-dead ;),

• You are a parent, missing your kids, while you are working all day;

• You just want something entirely different.

In short, you are looking for a solution, or for truly something else than the normal system. Not exactly sure how, you would like to take charge of your own life. If you are interested; on the next page I will tell you some more about myself and explain a bit more about this way of working and what I expect from you if we would be working together. 

Yours sincerely, 

Yoshi Julia van Bommel